The best way to really learn the basics - and to get acquainted with the BWR program features, even if you already know the basics - is through hands-on practice.

The BWR Tutorial is accessed from the Simulator Menu and consists of seven interactive lessons:

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to the Tutorial
  • Lesson 2 Bringing the Reactor Critical
  • Lesson 3 Reactor Heatup
  • Lesson 4 Turbine Generator Startup
  • Lesson 5 Raising Core Flow
  • Lesson 6 Ascension to 100% Power
  • Lesson 7 Transient and Accident Demonstrations

Each tutorial lesson provides instructions for operating in one of the six Initialization Conditions (IC's). In addition, each lesson corresponds to a chapter in the Simulator Manual which can be read during the tutrorial to obtain further information.

Above is a view of a sample tutorial lesson. Each tutorial lesson uses an interactive window which hovers above the Reactor Control Panel. On this window, your "instructor" will direct you to perform the various steps needed to complete that phase of the plant startup appropriate to the lesson.

The tutorial monitors your progress and leads you through each procedure, step by step, as you manipulate the controls. During the tutorial, you can access the BWR Help System to display contextual, detailed information related to the instruction or procedure step being performed.

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